About Us

NOTOS blossoms in a vast, elegant and welcoming space where about sixty diners are seated.

From the outset, the desire was to recover the original structure of this former garage built in the 1940s. Thus, the vast window and the façade inspired by the Dutch school of which the architect Ritveld was the leader were cleared. Under a large glass roof, the ample decor vibrates with luminosity in accordance with the warmth of the wood.

On either side of the great hall, lounges invite intimacy in the form of a boudoir, a private dining room or a perfectly isolated meeting place, depending on the choice and circumstances.

NOTOS means "the south" in Greek. 

Constantin Erinkoglou opened the restaurant Notos in an old and very small bookshop in Ixelles in 1995. Greek specialties served on rustic tables attracted friends around convivial wines: it was a success!

In the year 2000, NOTOS moves to a more spacious place, rue de Livourne, located in this lively neighborhood between the mundane Avenue Louise and the charming Place de Chatelain. Since then, NOTOS has been setting the tone for Greek cuisine in the heart of Brussels and Europe, without any tourist allusions, intimately marked by the flavors of a Greece rich in Mediterranean, Eastern and Balkan influences.